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  • Petcov, Serguey T.; Rodejohann, Werner; Shindou, Tetsuo; Takanishi, Yasutaka (2005)
    The LFV charged lepton decays mu to e + gamma, tau to e + gamma and tau to mu + gamma and thermal leptogenesis are analysed in the MSSM with see-saw mechanism of neutrino mass generation and soft SUSY breaking with universal ...
  • Hochmuth, K.A.; Petcov, Serguey T.; Rodejohann, Werner (2007-08-09)
    We consider corrections to vanishing U_{e3} and maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing originating from the relation U = U_ell^dagger U_nu, where U is the PMNS mixing matrix and U_ell (U_nu) is associated with the diagonalization ...

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