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  • Bruzzo, Ugo; Bartocci, Claudio; Lanza, Valeriano; Rava, Claudio L.S. (arXiv:1504.02987 [math.AG], 2015-04)
    Relying on a representation of framed torsion-free sheaves on Hirzebruch surfaces in terms of monads, we construct ADHM data for the Hilbert scheme of points of the total space of the line bundle $\mathcal O(-n)$ on $\mathbb ...
  • Bruzzo, Ugo; Lanza, Valeriano; Lo Giudice, Alessio (2017)
    We provide a partial classification of semistable Higgs bundles over a simply connected Calabi-Yau manifold. Applications to a conjecture about a special class of semistable Higgs bundles are given. In particular, the ...

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