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  • Acharya, Bobby Samir; Benini, Francesco; Valandro, Roberto (2006-09-07)
    Type IIA flux compactifications with O6-planes have been argued from a four dimensional effective theory point of view to admit stable, moduli free solutions. We discuss in detail the ten dimensional description of such ...
  • Acharya, Bobby Samir; Denef, Frederik; Valandro, Roberto (2005)
    We study the vacuum statistics of ensembles of M theory compactifications on G2 holonomy manifolds with fluxes, and of ensembles of Freund-Rubin vacua. We discuss similarities and differences between these and Type IIB ...
  • Valandro, Roberto; Acharya, Bobby Samir (2005)
    We calculate the contribution to the proton decay amplitude from Kaluza-Klein lepto-quarks in theories with extra dimensions, localised fermions and gauge fields which propagate in the bulk. Such models naturally occur ...
  • Acharya, Bobby Samir; Benini, Francesco; Valandro, Roberto (2007-01-31)
    Warped models, originating with the ideas of Randall and Sundrum, provide a fascinating extension of the standard model with interesting consequences for the LHC. We investigate in detail how string theory realises such ...

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