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An asymptotic description of Noether-Lefschetz components in toric varieties

Show simple item record Bruzzo, Ugo Montoya, William D. 2019-03-19T08:17:32Z 2019-03-19T08:17:32Z 2019-03-19
dc.description.abstract We extend the definition of Noether-Leschetz components to quasi-smooth hyper- surfaces in a projective toric variety PΣ2k+1 having orbifold singularities, and prove that asymptoticaly the components whose codimension is bounded from above are made of hy- persurfaces containing a small degree k-dimensional subvariety. As a corollary we get an asymptotic characterization of the components with small codimension, generalizing the work of Otwinowska for P2k+1 = P2k+1 and Green and Voisin for P2k+1 = P3. Some tools that are developed in the paper are a generalization of Macaulay’s theorem for Fano, irreducible normal varieties with rational singularieties, satisfying a suitable additional condition, and an extension of the notion of Gorenstein ideal for normal varieties with finetely generated Cox ring. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher SISSA en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries SISSA;08/2019/MATE
dc.subject Noether-Lefschetz locus en_US
dc.subject Picard number en_US
dc.subject toric varieties en_US
dc.title An asymptotic description of Noether-Lefschetz components in toric varieties en_US
dc.type Preprint en_US

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