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  • Mazzoleni, Dario; Zucco, Davide (SISSA, 2015)
    We consider the problem of minimizing convex combinations of the first two eigenvalues of the Dirichlet-Laplacian among open set of $R^N$ of fixed measure. We show that, by purely elementary arguments, based on the minimality ...
  • Dal Maso, Gianni; Franzina, Giovanni; Zucco, Davide (2018-03)
    We study the asymptotic behaviour of solutions to variational problems in perforated domains with Neumann boundary conditions. We consider perforations that in the limit concentrate on a smooth manifold. We characterise ...
  • Tilli, Paolo; Zucco, Davide (SISSA, 2014)
    We study a shape optimization problem for the first eigenvalue of an elliptic operator in divergence form, with non constant coefficients, over a fixed domain $\Omega$. Dirichlet conditions are imposed along $\partial\Omega$ ...

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