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  • Baldi, Pietro (2007-03-01)
    We consider Kirchhoff equations for vibrating strings and elastic membranes under the action of an external forcing of period 2pi / omega and small amplitude epsilon. We prove existence, regularity and local uniqueness of ...
  • Baldi, Pietro (2005)
    We consider 1D completely resonant nonlinear wave equations of the type vtt -vxx = -v 3 +O(v 4) with spatial periodic boundary conditions. We prove the existence of a new type of quasi-periodic small amplitude solutions ...
  • Baldi, Pietro; Berti, Massimiliano; Haus, Emanuele; Montalto, Riccardo (2017)
    We prove the existence and the linear stability of Cantor families of small amplitude time quasi-periodic standing water wave solutions - namely periodic and even in the space variable x - of a bi-dimensional ocean with ...

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