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  • Bahiru, Eyoab D. (2022-08-08)
    We discuss the algebra of operators in AdS-Rinlder wedge, particularly in AdS5/CFT4. We explicitly construct the algebra at N = 8 limit and discuss its Type III1 nature. We will consider 1/N corrections to the theory and ...
  • Werneck de Oliveira, M.; Sorella, S.P. (1993-04-03)
    The Wess-Zumino consistency conditions for Lorentz and diffeomor phism anomalies are discussed by introducing an operator δ whichallows to decompose the exterior space-time derivative as a BRS com mutator.
  • Esposito, Giampiero (1993)
    After a review of Dirac's theory of iconstrained Hamiltonian systems and their quantization, canonical quantum gravity is studied relying on the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner formalism. First-class constraints of the theory ...
  • Dal Corso, Andrea (IOP, 2016)
    We apply several recently introduced projector-augmented wave, ultrasoft, and norm-conserving pseudopotentials (PPs) to the calculation of the elastic constants of Beryllium and compare with previous theory and experiment. ...
  • Bonora, Loriano (SISSA, 2020-10-21)
  • Aldrovandi, E.; Bonora, L. (1993-03-10)
    We study the Liouville theory on a Riemann surface of genus g by means of their associated Drinfeld–Sokolov linear systems. We discuss the cohomolog ical properties of the monodromies of these systems. We identify the ...
  • Suma, A.; Rosa, A.; Micheletti, C. (Acs Publications, 2015)
    Knots can affect the capability of polymers to translocate through narrow pores in complex and counter-intuitive ways that are still relatively unexplored. We report here on a systematic theoretical and computational ...
  • Benini, Francesco; Rizzi, Giovanni (2021)
    We study the Bethe Ansatz formula for the superconformal index, in the case of 4d N = 4 super-Yang-Mills with gauge group SU(N). We observe that not all solutions to the Bethe Ansatz Equations (BAEs) contribute to the ...
  • Alvarez, M.; Baldauf, T.; Bond, R.; Dalal, N.; de Putter, R.; Dorè, O.; Green, D.; Hirata, C.; Huang, Z.; Huterer, D.; Jeong, D.; Johnson, M.C.; Krause, E.; Loverde, M.; Meyers, J.; Meerburg, P.D.; Senatore, L.; Shandera, S.; Silverstein, E.; Slosar, A.; Smith, K.; Zaldarriaga, M.; Assassi, V.; Braden, J.; Hajian, A.; Kobayashi, T.; Stein, G.; van Engelen, A. (2014-12-15)
    The statistics of primordial curvature fluctuations are our window into the period of inflation, where these fluctuations were generated. To date, the cosmic microwave background has been the domi nant source of information ...

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