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  • Butti, Agostino; Forcella, Davide; Zaffaroni, Alberto (2006-11-23)
    We study supersymmetric D3 brane configurations wrapping internal cycles of type II backgrounds AdS(5) x H for a generic Sasaki-Einstein manifold H. These configurations correspond to BPS baryonic operators in the dual ...
  • Butti, Agostino; Forcella, Davide; Zaffaroni, Alberto (2006-07-26)
    We discuss several examples of non-toric quiver gauge theories dual to Sasaki-Einstein manifolds with U(1)^2 or U(1) isometry. We give a general method for constructing non-toric examples by adding relevant deformations ...
  • Benini, Francesco; Colombo, Edoardo; Soltani, Saman; Zaffaroni, Alberto; Zhang, Ziruo (SISSA, 2020-05)
    The large N limit of the four-dimensional superconformal index was computed and successfully compared to the entropy of a class of AdS5 black holes only in the particular case of equal angular momenta. Using the Bethe ...

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