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  • Saccani, Sebastiano; Moroni, Saverio; Boninsegni, Massimo (American Physical Society, 2012-04-24)
    Conclusive experimental evidence of a supersolid phase in any known condensed matter system is presently lacking. On the other hand, a supersolid phase has been recently predicted for a system of spinless bosons in continuous ...
  • Macri', Tommaso; Saccani, Sebastiano; Cinti, Fabio (Springer, 2014)
    We study the physics of soft-core bosons at zero temperature in two dimensions for a class of potentials that could be realised in experiments with Rydberg dressed Bose-Einstein condensates. We analyze the ground state ...
  • Saccani, Sebastiano; Moroni, Saverio; Boninsegni, Massimo (American Physical Society, 2011-03-23)
    The low temperature phase diagram of Bose soft disks in two dimensions is studied by numerical simulations. It is shown that a supersolid cluster phase exists, within a range of the model parameters, analogous to that ...
  • Moroni, Saverio; Saccani, Sebastiano; Filippi, Claudia (American Chemical Society, 2014)
    While the computation of interatomic forces has become a well-established practice within variational Monte Carlo (VMC), the use of the more accurate Fixed-Node Diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC) method is still largely limited ...
  • Saccani, Sebastiano (SISSA, 2013-03-06)
    In this thesis, we make use of Monte Carlo techniques to address two rather different subjects in condensed matter physics. The first study deals with the characterization of a relatively novel and elusive phase of ...

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