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  • Piacitelli, Gherardo; Dabrowski, Ludwik (2010-04-30)
    A complete classification of the regular representations of the relations [T,X_j] = (i/k)X_j, j=1,...,d, is given. The quantisation of RxR^d canonically (in the sense of Weyl) associated with the universal representation ...
  • Piacitelli, Gherardo (2010-04-30)
    We review an approach to non-commutative geometry, where models are constructed by quantisation of the coordinates. In particular we focus on the full DFR model and its irreducible components; the (arbitrary) restriction ...
  • Piacitelli, Gherardo (2009-01-22)
    In this letter we wish to clarify in which sense the tensor nature of the commutation relations [x^mu,x^nu]=i theta ^{mu nu} underlying Minkowski spacetime quantisation cannot be suppressed even in the twisted approach to ...

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