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  • Pascoli, Silvia; Petcov, Serguey T.; Schwetz, Thomas (2006-09-25)
    Assuming 3-$\nu$ mixing, massive Majorana neutrinos and neutrinoless double-beta (\betabeta-) decay generated only by the (V-A) charged current weak interaction via the exchange of the three Majorana neutrinos, we briefly ...
  • Pascoli, Silvia; Petcov, Serguey T.; Riotto, Antonio (2006-12-11)
    It was commonly thought that the observation of low energy leptonic CP-violating phases would not automatically imply the existence of a baryon asymmetry in the leptogenesis scenario. This conclusion does not generically ...
  • Palomares-Ruiz, Sergio; Pascoli, Silvia; Schwetz, Thomas (2005)
    We propose an explanation of the LSND evidence for electron antineutrino appearance based on neutrino decay. We introduce a heavy neutrino, which is produced in pion and muon decays because of a small mixing with muon ...
  • Pascoli, Silvia; Petcov, Serguey T.; Riotto, Antonio (2006-12-07)
    Taking into account the recent progress in the understanding of the lepton flavour effects in leptogenesis, we investigate in detail the possibility that the CP-violation necessary for the generation of the baryon asymmetry ...

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