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  • Exirifard, Ghasem (2006-05-11)
    The linear alpha-prime corrections and the field redefinition ambiguities are studied for half-BPS singular backgrounds representing a wrapped fundamental string. It is shown that there exist schemes in which the inclusion ...
  • Exirifard, Ghasem (2005)
    The quadratic alpha' corrections to the two-dimensional black hole and to its T-dual are calculated. These backgrounds are used to write the covariant form of the alpha'2 corrections to the T-duality for general time-dependent ...
  • Exirifard, Ghasem (2006-07-21)
    All the linear alpha-prime corrections in the compactification of the critical Heterotic string theory on T^6 are computed for a BPS static spherical four dimensional dyonic black hole representing a wrapped fundamental ...

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