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  • Delfino, Gesualdo; Niccoli, Giuliano (2006-04-12)
    The composite operator T\bar{T}, obtained from the components of the energy-momentum tensor, enjoys a quite general characterization in two-dimensional quantum field theory also away from criticality. We use the form factor ...
  • Delfino, Gesualdo; Grinza, Paolo; Mussardo, Giuseppe (2005)
    The two-dimensional scaling Ising model in a magnetic field at critical temperature is integrable and possesses eight stable particles Ai (i = 1, . . . , 8) with different masses. The heaviest five lie above threshold and ...
  • Delfino, Gesualdo; Niccoli, Giuliano (2005)
    The form factors of the descendant operators in the massive Lee-Yang model are determined up to level 7. This is first done by exploiting the conserved quantities of the integrable theory to generate the solutions for the ...
  • Delfino, Gesualdo (2007-05-15)
    The scaling limit of the two-dimensional Ising model in the plane of temperature and magnetic field defines a field theory which provides the simplest illustration of non-trivial phenomena such as spontaneous symmetry ...
  • Caselle, Michele; Delfino, Gesualdo; Grinza, Paolo; Jahn, O.; Magnoli, Nicodemo (2005)
    We discuss the two- and three-point correlators in the two-dimensional three-state Potts model in the high-temperature phase of the model. By using the form factor approach and perturbed conformal field theory methods we ...

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