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  • Bonelli, Giulio; Maruyoshi, Kazunobu; Tanzini, Alessandro (SISSA, 2011-12-15)
    We study N=2 supersymmetric SU(2) gauge theories coupled to non-Lagrangian superconformal field theories induced by compactifying the six dimensional A_1 (2,0) theory on Riemann surfaces with irregular punctures. These ...
  • Exirifard, Ghasem (2006-07-21)
    All the linear alpha-prime corrections in the compactification of the critical Heterotic string theory on T^6 are computed for a BPS static spherical four dimensional dyonic black hole representing a wrapped fundamental ...
  • Scandone, Raffaele (SISSA, 2019)
    We study the low energy behavior of the resolvent of Schrodinger operators with finitely many point interactions in three dimensions. We also discuss the occurrence and the multiplicity of zero energy obstructions.

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