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SISSA Preprints Archive is the repository built to save, share, and search SISSA preprints (the not-referred manuscripts of the research output).

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Before posting your preprint, check your publisher's policy on SHERPA/RoMEO database.

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  • Michelangeli, Alessandro; Pitton, Giuseppe (2018-09)
    We present a numerical study of the two-dimensional Gross-Pitaevskii systems in a wide range of relevant regimes of population ratios and intra-species and inter-species interactions. Our numerical method is based on a ...
  • Gallone, Matteo; Michelangeli, Alessandro; Pozzoli, Eugenio (2018-09)
    We study the problem of so-called geometric quantum confinement in a class of two-dimensional incomplete Riemannian manifold with metric of Grushin type. We employ a constant-fibre direct integral scheme, in combination ...
  • Gallone, Matteo; Michelangeli, Alessandro (2018-08)
    Through the Kreĭn-Višik-Birman extension scheme, unlike the previous classical analysis based on von Neumann's theory, we reproduce the construction and classification of all self-adjoint realisations of two intimately ...
  • Caponi, Maicol; Lucardesi, Ilaria; Tasso, Emanuele (2018-08)
    In this paper we provide necessary and sufficient conditions in order to guarantee the energy-dissipation balance of a Mode III crack, growing on a prescribed smooth path. Moreover, we characterize the singularity of the ...
  • Riva, Filippo; Nardini, Lorenzo (2018-07-16)
    In this paper we analyse a one-dimensional debonding model for a thin film peeled from a substrate when friction is taken into account. It is described by the weakly damped wave equation whose domain, the debonded region, ...

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