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SISSA Preprints Archive is the repository built to save, share, and search SISSA preprints (the not-referred manuscripts of the research output).

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  • Dal Maso, Gianni; Franzina, Giovanni; Zucco, Davide (2018-03)
    We study the asymptotic behaviour of solutions to variational problems in perforated domains with Neumann boundary conditions. We consider perforations that in the limit concentrate on a smooth manifold. We characterise ...
  • Cagnetti, Filippo; Dal Maso, Gianni; Scardia, Lucia; Zeppieri, Caterina Ida (2018-03)
    In this paper we study the stochastic homogenisation of free-discontinuity functionals. Assuming stationarity for the random volume and surface integrands, we prove the existence of a homogenised random free-discontinuity ...
  • Dal Maso, Gianni; Larsen, Christopher J.; Toader, Rodica (2018-03)
    We consider a model of elastodynamics with fracture evolution, based on energy-dissipation balance and a maximal dissipation condition. We prove an existence result in the case of planar elasticity with a free crack path, ...
  • Caponi, Maicol (2018)
    We propose a phase-field model of dynamic crack propagation based on the Ambrosio-Tortorelli approximation, which takes in account dissipative effects due to the speed of the crack tips. In particular, adapting the time ...
  • Gigli, Nicola (2013)
    We prove that an infinitesimally Hilbertian $CD(0,N)$ space containing a line splits as the product of $R$ and an infinitesimally Hilbertian $CD(0,N −1)$ space. By ‘infinitesimally Hilbertian’ we mean that the Sobolev space ...

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