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SISSA Preprints Archive is the repository built to save, share, and search SISSA preprints (the not-referred manuscripts of the research output).

If you want to archive your preprint, please send your pdf file to

The librarian will provide to archive it.

Before posting your preprint, check your publisher's policy on SHERPA/RoMEO database.

ADVICE: In SISSA Preprints Archive are also stored all the SISSA authors' works till November 2016.

The works of the SISSA authors published till November 2016 and the ones published after this date are now stored in the SISSA Digital Library (SDL) website.

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  • Gigli, Nicola (2013)
    We prove that an infinitesimally Hilbertian $CD(0,N)$ space containing a line splits as the product of $R$ and an infinitesimally Hilbertian $CD(0,N −1)$ space. By ‘infinitesimally Hilbertian’ we mean that the Sobolev space ...
  • Michelangeli, Alessandro; Ottolini, Andrea; Scandone, Raffaele (SISSA, 2018-01)
    We develop the construction of the fractional powers of singular (point-like) perturbations of the Laplacian, and the construction of singular perturbations of fractional powers of the Laplacian, and we compare such ...
  • Cotti, Giordano; Dubrovin, Boris; Guzzetti, Davide (SISSA, 2018-01)
    There is a conjectural relation, formulated by the second author, between the enumerative geometry of a wide class of smooth projective varieties and their derived category of coherent sheaves. In particular, there is an ...
  • Becker, Simon; Michelangeli, Alessandro; Ottolini, Andrea (SISSA, 2017-12-21)
    We qualify the main features of the spectrum of the Hamiltonian of point interaction for a three-dimensional quantum system consisting of three point-like particles, two identical fermions, plus a third particle of ...
  • Lazzaroni, Giuliano; Nardini, Lorenzo (SISSA, 2017)
    Motivated by a debonding model for a thin film peeled from a substrate, we analyse the one-dimensional wave equation, in a time-dependent domain which is degenerate at the initial time. In the first part of the paper we ...

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